Cannot select audio devices in Linux Mint 20

Hi all,

Been a while since I’ve played with wfview but I’m finally home from Antarctica and trying to set it up to run from my file server.

Anyways I’ve had a few issues that so far I’ve worked through but stuck on this one.

First issue was that in the file it says to create a symlink to
“sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/”
This creates a broken link for me and I had to go and add /usr to the start of each /lib directory structure.

Secondly if I just run wfview as a user it wont allow a connection to the radio and I have to run it as a superuser for it to connect and give a waterfall etc.

Now lastly is where I’m stuck. I cannot select any audio devices in the settings tab, they are all greyed out. I’m guessing it is likely a usb permissions issue but not 100% sure. Any ideas?


Have got it sorted, just not getting audio out and likely just due to the fact my server has been upgraded through 5 versions of mint. I’ll post back when I get the audio working

Hi Paul,

You may want to consider building from source using the build script. There have been a lot of interesting changes that you’ll want to take advantage of. I’m doing all my testing on various version of mint from 19.2 to 20.

Also, enjoyed your video on youtube about your experience in Antarctica.

de W6EL

Thanks Elliott.
I’ll have a go at building from source, just need to do a fresh install of mint 20.3 on the Server as all the upgrades seem to have caused some weird issues that go unnoticed for just about everything else.
Glad you enjoyed the video, I had a good time down there.

I also made a fresh install of linux Mint 20.4, with wfview1.1. everything seemed ok via WiFi nice waterval, could command my 705 without a problem, but in the settings tab no audio devices showed op, so no audio in and out. Audio on other app. such as VLC or audicity is working correct. What am i doing wrong or is wfview doing wrong. Please help i am not a linux expert just a hobby man HI

73’s de PA0GSM

Hi Gerard,

Can you open the app, wait a moment, and then close it, and send us the log file?

Generally /tmp/wfview.log on linux.

Also, can you try building from source using the build script? You can find Build Script directions on our downloads page if you look around there. The build script just needs to be run, it will install the dependencies and usually “just works”.


de W6EL

Hi Eliot,

Thanks for your reply, i was just busy in sending you the log file, and i discovered an sentence twice it said:possible install of Libqt5multimedia-plugins, so I thought, why not give it a try, and so I did. I installed Libqt5multimedia-plugins than started Wfview, and see and hear, i heard a lot of noise from the speakers and audio input is working as well, So thank you very much for your advice and for the nice program…

I think, the LAN connection on LINUX is much more stable as the windows version, thats why I switched from windows to Linux.

I will try to build from source in the near future.

73 de PA0GSM, Gerard

Hi Gerard,

That is great news. I put that warning in there ages ago and you may be the first person to use it! I find it odd that it’ll start up just fine without the ‘-plugins’ library, but clearly can’t work that way.