Can't change frequency with fldigi

Ok, this kept me busy for some days now. WFview is working fine with Swisslog and JTDX. Can change frequencie with Swisslog and JTDX. No problems here. There seems to be a known problem with TX hang or not transmitting at all, but setting manual polling to 200ms solved that problem so far.

Things get funny with fldigi.
Change frequency with wfview - fldigi follows, Swisslog follows, rig follows… okidoki
Change frequency with Swisslog - fldigi follows, wfview follows, rig follows… okidoki
Change frequency with rig - fldigi follows, wfview follows, swisslog follows… okidoki
Change frequency with fldigi - nothing… frequency in fldigi change for a short time and resets back to the original frequency. No change in frequency visible in wfview, Swisslog or rig. Even if I try to switch bands with a macro in fldigi nothing happens. RX and TX switching are working ok.

Closed Swisslog: no change, can’t change frequency with fldigi.
fldigi+Swisslog without wfview (fldigi direct controlling the rig via Hamlib or FLRig): no problems.

wfview version 1.64 (version 1.62 had the same problem)
fldigi version 1.26 (via rigctld)
Swisslog version 5.107 (via com0com virtual serial port)
Network: cable
Rig: IC-7300
OS: Windblows 10 pro (client), Windblows 10 Home (server)

Tried wfview as client/server (that is what I wanted to do, hi) and standalone (for troubleshooting). Problem stays the same.

Help? I must be doing something wrong…

de PG5FRL (Storm)

What happens if you change modes from fldigi (USB/LSB/etc)?

de W6EL

Wvfiew follows, Rig follows (Swisslog not, but that is normal behaviour since fldigi sets mode in swisslog when logging the contact)

de Storm (PG5FRL)

Can you close swisslog and see if frequency changes begin to work?

Does the bottom-right corner of wfview show the correct radio model?

I can’t see a reason why mode changes would work and frequency would not.

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

Sorry for the late reply, time difference is killing me hi…
Starting only wfview and fldigi makes no difference.
Radio model shown in wfview is IC-7300, that’s correct.

There is something odd with mode switching. If I switch mode (AM, FM, USB, etc) in fldigi the response of the radio is instant. Wfview shows the new selected mode after several seconds (3 seconds or more).

My setup must be haunted :rofl:

de Storm

Hi Storm.

Have you enabled CI-V Transceive in the radio menu and set ‘auto’ for CI-V address in wfview? This is the recommended setting as any changes to mode/frequency will be sent automatically when they happen.

Without this setting, you are relying on wfview periodically polling the radio for changed mode and this is a low priority task so only happens every few seconds.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hello Phil,

Thanks for your reaction.

Yep, transceive is on and auto for CI-V adress is also on. Transcieve is one of the settings I check first when I’m running in trouble with remote control of the Icom. Auto for CI-V adress gave me some trouble at first. Wfview didn’t find the adres on the client (it did found it on the server however), but somehow it started working after restarting wfview.

Sidenote: after changing settings in wfview it seems a good idea to restart wfview. Even after saving the settings, wfview won’t always use the new settings. Restarting solves that. So just to be sure, I restart and check new settings in wfview.

Storm (PG5FRL)

Trail and error and lots of re-installing windows (duh), wfview and fldigi on my test computer. But I think I have found the problem here!

Looks like wfview was not the problem but Fldigi! Reverted Fldigi back to an old version (4.1.01) and it started working. Well who would have guest that one. Don’t know what the latest version is that wil work with wfview, I just tried fldigi 4.1.01.

Next problem: who is gonna tell Dave the author of Fldigi hi hi?

de Storm (PG5FRL)

to be honest, we do not generally feedback to other maintainers. something you can do yourself now that you know what happened, how you can reproduce it etc, Storm :wink:

Hey Roeland,

Was already busy writing things up and dusting off my school english. Just figuring out in which version that problem got its ugly head up. So back to testing this afternoon. Glad they kept an archive online with older versions. Makes things a little easier.
But first: some sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Storm (PG5FRL)