Can't seem to install WFview on Windows 8.1

My system is an HP Stream Mini running Windows 8.1 Celeron 1.4 GHz with 6 GB RAM. The installation will not complete due to the following error.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Just click Ignore. If wfview fails to run when you click on the icon, manually install the vc_redist file located in c:\program files (x86)\wfview. This is the Microsoft redistributable so there is every chance it is already installed.

73 Phil

Thanks, Phil…but there is no icon and there is no file named vc_redist.x86.exe in the C:\Program Files (x86)\wfview folder.

Sorry what do you mean, there’s no Icon? The installer doesn’t place an Icon on the desktop, it will be installed within All Programs in the Start menu. You can also just run the wfview.exe that should be in the wfview folder.

If you get a .dll error, simply download the redistributable from Microsoft

73 Phil

and if you really want to have wfview as an icon on the desktop, create a shortcut to the executable and place it where you think it makes the most sense for you, or pin to start, or taskbar. or any combination of them if you run out of wild ideas.

I was FINALLY able to get wfVIEW installed on my Win 10 PC. Run the install but click “ignore” when asked (near the end of the progress bar). Complete the install. Go to the folder where it’s located (c:\program files (x86)\wfview). At the bottom of the folder there is a file called “vcredist_x86”. Click on it and run it. After some seconds it will complete. Then click on the app “wfview” (the last file in that folder) to start wfview running.