Changing mode to CW / RTTY does not work?

So I finally got time and the gear to install wfview with an Icom 718. After struggling with volumes and devices, I got it working but it looks like I can not change mode to CW or RTTY using the view tab?

What did I miss …

Thanks for any reply.

Providing the following information to share status information will speed up the resolution.

  1. Capture of the Wfview Settings screen when connected to the radio
  2. logfile
    Log file | wfview


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That’s as far as I understand.
serial: Collision detected by remote, resending previous command
There it is.
There is a problem with control with the radio.

COM4 is used to connect with the radio.
Do not set the same COM4 in the Vitual Serial Port in Settings-External Control, so please check.



This 100%. Definitely turn off the virtual serial port until you get a little further along.

Let’s hope most of the serial collisions go away once you have that in.

Thanks for the replies. I dont have external control enabled and it shows none in the selection box.
I only have com4 selected in the settings radio access screen.

What kind of serial adapter are you using for the CI-V connection?

The xggcomms digimode-4-icom adapter/interface/cable.

EDIT: Found it. Had the exp filter wide option on in the 718. This enables wide filter for AM/SSB but none for CW/RTTY. I was able to change mode to CW/RTTY only when the wide filter was active using the receive filters in wfview view screen (filter nr 1). Disabled the filter exp in the radio and now all modes can be changed.


Ahh ok! Good to know as I have a 718 with the xggcomms adapter as well.

I did the AGC mod in my 718 and I really think it has great receive audio.

de W6EL

I only did the TX and was thinking about the AGC one … I do think the receive is fine as it is tweaking with ATT, RF and shift. Used to work with an Icom 7410 but this nice 718 makes me somehow appreciate the hobby more :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the site!

BTW, any way to shift working over wfview?


The AGC mod makes the sideband very nice. I felt like it was just too aggressively pumping stock, kind of like some military radios. I highly recommend it if you are comfortable with soldering a jumper wire down like that.

I think you’re asking about IF SHIFT. Unfortunately that is not one of the 718 commands. The set is pretty limited (and we have not implemented all of it anyway). See attached for a list of what the 718 can do over CI-V.

de W6EL

Ok Thank you. I’m really enjoying SSB/voice remote access over LAN to the 718. Any digimode program will be next. My compliments on the program in general.

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