CI-V Address for uSDX - TS480


I would like to try using wfview with uSDX experimental rig which has a TS480 compatible serial cat interface for remote CW operation through Raspberry Pi .

I can connect RPi to uSDX easily with FlRig FlDigi Omni-Rig using TS480 protocol; how can I connect with WFview? Is there any compatible Icom CI-V address that I can select for TS-480 ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Murat.

The TS480 uses the Kenwood CAT protocol and wfview only supports Icom compatible rigs at this point.

We hope to add support for Yaesu and Kenwood (compatible) rigs at some point, but we don’t currently have a timescale for this.

73 Phil M0VSE

ICOM’s CI-V and kenwood’s cat operations are totally different…

Hi Phil, Roeland,
Thanks for your kind answers and explanations