CLI for server mode?

Do you guys have a command line option to run wfview in a “server mode”? I built a docker image for it but thats about as far as I got. Was hoping to run it in a container on my Pi to act as a server for the 7300. No UI necessary. I suppose I could just run Kappanhang instead and use wfview with that? Great work everyone!

Hi WX1D,

A server version that can run headless is definitely in the works. It was part of our original goal really, but we wanted to make sure it worked well and it turns out that the GUI is easy to troubleshoot. The entire code that talks to the radio is a separate CPP module, it will easily come out to a separate CLI app.

What we want to do for the rigs without a network connection, is make a trouble-free turnkey raspberry pi image to put the rig on the network. And that will of course include releasing a CLI app.

We’ll get there.

Stay tuned,

de W6EL

Awesome! Makes sense, as the server mode is definitely a bit more of an advanced function. wfview and hamrs are my two favorite ham apps at this point. Thanks again!

ooh hamrs, this is neat.

Have you got it talking through the virtual serial port of wfview yet? If you do, let me know and I’ll add it to our “known apps that work this way” list.

de W6EL

I’ve tested wfview with my 705 and it worked flawlessly. I’m also operating it in server mode on a windows box, passing serial and audio to a macbook pro (m1) running wfview as a client, which is also working great. There are some audio dropouts occasionally, but if I extend the rx latency (buffer?), it seems to mostly go away.

It’s painful going from the realtime iq over LAN of the 705 to the handicapped 7300 :joy:

Good to hear!

I have a 7300 too, it is annoyingly slugish with the waterfall. I don’t understand why there isn’t an option to run it a bit faster, after all, it’s over a USB port!

You can expect the audio performance to really take off once Phil re-writes the audio code, something he has been keenly working on lately.

de W6EL

Oh man, it’s torture…I don’t understand it either. Did you happen to see my post about possibly figuring out a way to smooth the refresh on that through interpolation or some type of smoothing? I was perusing the qt libraries, but im more of a a systems guy than a dev. The only other option would be to use a PTRX-7300 but then thats a whole other can of worms, especially trying to use that remotely… Great news on the audio performance tweaks!