Client on iphone or Ipad

It would be great if there was a way to run a client on an iphone or Ipad. Any thoughts for this in the future?

Send us iPads and some Macs and we can do it.

Seriously though, we did compile it once on iOS. It needs some help around the edges due to not being a desktop environment but it’s clear that it could be done.

We just need some modern Apple hardware to build and test with. I think only one of us four has a mac right now. Plus some time!

de W6EL

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OMG that would be huge
i second that slick

another vote for wfview on iphone

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For a temporary quick fix, wouldn’t it be easier to leverage AnyDesk to access wfview (USB or Network) by cracking the IOS iphone microphone restriction?

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I used NoMachine on an ancient iPad mini 2. It worked perfectly, INCLUDING audio. And it took about 10 minutes to set up on “server” end, and install on the iPad.
Greg, KC8HXO

I also am in favor of nonachine. For me there is no better alternative. works on android as well.

Good luck with any desk! From all the 65535 ports of the Planet Earth, AnyDesk is suing the same 50k ports Icom is using by default :-))
And Yes, I know you can change ports in Icom transceivers this is not the topic.

the cool part of nomachine is that you can use it over https, over other ports and even better: over ssh.

(and yes anydesk does indeed not help there).

I use SDR-Control for my Ipad, ik works fantastic, inmediate after install and config. It has integrated ft8/ft4 possibilleties on the Ipad. Only you have to buy it once.

73’s de PA0GSM

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hoi Gerard…

and you need apple hardware…

ps the cool part is that you are able to pay for wfview as well!

(I’m wondering what parts of wfview have been used as an example for the network stack)

More info for us tech dimwits. lol