Client vs. Server and WSJT-x config

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for the guys that helped me out getting Wfview to work in a client/server model this weekend. My next endeavor is to introduce WSJT-x, my general question for this and similar programs is, will I be configuring only the client, server, or both to get WSJT-x working? I don’t want to break what’s working.

I ask before I do research so I know what to except. the first couple of articles/videos/manual excerpts that I read did not specify.


Hi Frank.

Only the client needs any configuration, this article should help You will also need to install audio loopback devices to be able to feed the audio from wfview into wsjt-x which is briefly described here:

73 Phil


I started the audio loopback, but want to make sure which machine. Looking forward to giving it a go!

Thanks again!