Clipped Number Display ? & Spectrum Color


Got it working, so very happy.
Great program for my R8600.

Thanks everyone who have chimed in with all my questions.

Here’s two more:

a. Re the freq. numbers to the left of the tuning dial:

They are clipped on the top and bottom.

And the same also for the line (can’t read what it is supposed to be)
directly below.

Any cure for this ? Why ?

b. Is it possible to change the color of the Spectrum ?

Thanks again, regards,

Hi Bob,

Sometimes the text for the frequency is displayed too large if display scaling is turned on.

You can change the color of the spectrum, there is a little pop-down menu at the bottom of the spectrum that says “Theme:” and it likely has “Jet” selected. Try each one, see what you like.

de W6EL


Program is a really great asset with my eyesight now.
Thanks for making it available.

a. It’s the Spectrum I would like to change the color of,
not the Waterfall. Doable ?

b. And, where is this “display scaling” that was mentioned ?
Can’t seem to find it.
That old age problem again, I guess.

Would like to eliminate the clipping of the numeric freq. readout, and   
the line below it, if I can.

Regards and thanks,

Hi Bob,

Changing the spectrum color is possible but it may be pretty difficult as it involves changing registry settings. I would not recommend it at this time. One day we may build a color picker for wfview, which would be pretty cool.

Display scaling is in your operating system control panel somewhere. I don’t know where as I do not use windows personally. It will make everything significantly smaller when you turn it off, so you might not ultimately want to do it.

de W6EL