COM Port Assignment

WFView is running fine in conjunction with a IC-7300, operated locally on a W7 system.

Now I want to establish a COM port connection to the decoding software. But the port that is used between WFView and IC-7300 is not accessible to a com port utility like VSPE or com0com. So how can I establish a connection between WFView and WSJT-X or JTDX?

vy 73,
Willi, DJ6JZ

Hi Willi

Once you have com0com or VSPE setup, you simply select that port as the ‘Virtual Serial Port’ in wfview Configuration. You select the same port (or the other end of the pair) in wsjt-x

73 Phil

Thanks Phil,

I figured out what caused my confusion:
The relevant serial port setting in WFView is placed in the same line as
the “Connect over LAN” setting, which does not apply to the IC-7300. So
I erroneously regarded the complete line as not relevant.
As soon as I realized that the Virtual Serial Port setting is
independent from the LAN button, everything began to work together.

vy 73,
Willi, DJ6JZ