Compiling under macOS

Is it possible to compile under macOS? I see instructions for Windows and linux but none for mac. Is it a special case?

Thanks – Doug — K0DXV

Yes, it is! This will explain the build process: Qt for macOS | Qt 5.15

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You know, if either of you want to write up some directions, we would welcome the contribution and post them in our Developer’s Corner.

I’ve not done it in years, Phil is our resident mac genius++ and he’s been quite busy lately with the audio and network support.

de W6EL

Hi Doug.

There is nothing particularly ‘special’ about the process for MacOS, you just need to ensure that you have all of the pre-requisite components.

I use QT Creator to build on MacOS but that is only because building a Universal binary (x64 and ARM64) requires two separate builds which are then combined.

As a minimum, you will need:

A modern version of XCode
Latest QT5 (QT6 is not yet fully supported)
Libopus Downloads – Opus Codec
QCustomPlot Qt Plotting Widget QCustomPlot - Download

Both libopus and qcustomplot will need to be installed alongside the wfview source code directory so that the qmake file can find them.

73 Phil M0VSE