Configurable TRUE PTT key?

I find it odd that there is no option to configure a TRUE PTT key on my keyboard (or to adjust the default key definitions).

I want to use WfView on a device without a keyboard (such as a Surface Pro in tablet mode). Or a regular tablet with remote desktop.

Control-T and Control-R are awkward to use on a device that lacks a keyboard. And it’s also frustrating that the function is a toggle rather than a momentary feature (or a configurable choice).

The point is that WfView does not seem to have a true “PTT” function… it’s a “click on / click off” function. And in addition to being awkward without a keyboard, that makes it too easy to accidently leave transmit turned on.

I want to know that if I’m not touching the keyboard or mouse that the radio will always be in receive mode…

Am I missing something?

I don’t think you missed anything. Do you?

See our website for a list of supported hardware controllers, which can do PTT toggle and PTT momentary.

de W6EL

Perhaps you would consider this?

It will adress all your issues mentioned… all buttons customizable

73 - SM0NOR

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That is definitely the best way.

Unlike keyboard commands, the hardware controller will work even when another program is in the foreground.

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