Connect WFView with HRD and Icom 7300


I run Ham Radio Deluxe (latest version) via USB to connect to and control my Icom 7300.

All other apps (JTDX, Varac, etc) connect through that to then the rig.

Is it possible to run WFView and HRD at the same time on the same rig? And this allow for the other apps to also work?

73, Gavin de 2D0PEY.

Hello Gavin, since I don’t use HDR I can’t answer that for you. But I could imagine it should work with a program like “com to com” as a port splitter! Vy 73 de Jan-Peter -DL3KVT

Hi Gavin,

You could try opening wfview first and then using the virtual serial port to connect HRD to wfview.

For the waterfall and rapid tuning support, you need wfview to have a direct connection. It’s also best to make sure CI-V Transceive is turned ON on the radio.

de W6EL