Connected ?

Hi All

Trying to setup IC9700 - followed getting started - Connect via LAN - it says 'Press Connect and is connection successful ….'

How do you know it was successful - no change to screen, no errors, nothing on view screen - are there any log/debug files to show what is happening?



Hi Tom,

If you have the IP address, username and password set correctly then it should simply burst into life! If it doesn’t then the most likely issue is that CI-V Transceive is disabled in the rig. This is required for wfview to work.

To check this, Menu, Set, Connectors, CI-V, CI-V transceive. Set to ON.

You can check the wfview.log file which is located in your system default temporary directory, you can access this with the variable %TEMP% or it is usually c:\users<username>\appdata\local\temp


Phil M0VSE

Hi Tom.

I have set the 9700 to work using both the USB & Lan system. CI-V Transceive must be set to on. For Lan connection you need to set a username and password into the 9700 and also set network control to on, it's off by default. Also enter the ip address shown on 9700. Then all will be well.

73 Geoff.