Connecting to IC705

Hi I’m trying to connect my IC705 remotely so I can use it over the internet. I am using the client server configuration. WFview is running fine on the Server (usb connection to 705) PC but when I start WFview on the client PC I cannot get it to work. I have checked that I can ping to and from the server and client.
The log on the client PC shows,
Any ideas please ?
73 de Jon G4NEY

Hi Jon.

That log is showing that the client isn’t receiving a response to the request. This is usually caused by:

  1. firewall on the server computer blocking the connection
  2. Invalid server IP address or port selected
  3. Other software using port 50001 on server (Anydesk is a common one)

Having said this, why are you using the wfview server? The IC-705 has a built-in server, you just need to connect the IC-705 to your WiFi.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,
Thanks for your help.
That’s what I’d prefer to do but I was getting issues with the programme stalling on my laptop. I tried again this morning using the built in server on the IC705. The IC705 is in the shack, upstairs in the house. The WiFi connection between the PC in the shack and the 705 is great. I guess however if I use my laptop, downstairs in the house, the network connection to the 705 is not so good as in the wfview log there are many ‘sending requests for missing packet’. I guess I will have to use the PC in the shack as the server and use a USB connection to the 705 there.
73 Jon G4NEY

Yes unfortunately, the WiFi in the IC-705 is well-known to be not that great. I use a good quality commercial access point within about 3m of the IC-705 and find it works well, but if either the IC-705 or client has anything other than an ‘excellent’ connection, this will result in missing packets.

It may be worth installing some WiFi survey software to choose the best available channel (either on a computer or mobile phone) and check which channels are available. The IC-705 is 2.4 GHz only, so because channels on this band all overlap, the 11 available channels are actually reduced to 3 usable ones (1, 6 or 11).

A connection that is sufficient for web browsing/email is not necessarily going to work for a rig connection. 2-way audio streaming can result in up to 200 packets a second being transmitted and any delay/loss due to WiFi collisions will cause retransmissions and ultimately audio dropouts/disconnection. This can be mitigated by reducing the sample rate (16 KHz is generally perfectly acceptable) also using uLaw encoding rather than PCM will help.

73 Phil

Thanks again Phil.

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73 Jon

Hi Phil,
I am still having problems with connecting remotely. I have submitted logs k15x and krxb from my server and client PC’s (the server PC is HAM-RADIO. This is connected via USB to my 705). Everything runs fine on the server but I cannot get the client to work. I have pinged between client and server and vica versa and that’s okay). Any ideas ?
73 Jon