Contour Multimedia Controller Express


Just bought the Contour Multimedia Contreoller Express controller on Amazon for 60€ and connected to wfview 1.61. This works perfectly and is really a must !

However using the shuffle command it’s not possible to define tuning steps range. it seems there are three levels in the shuffle command and is actually hardcoded to 100 Hz, 1 KHz and 10 KHz. I would prefer having greater steps to make jumps of 1 MHz for instance to go faster and using the central encoder for the TS steps as it is which is perfect. If it could be configurable this would be great

By the way I’m using wfview with ICOM R8600, and some of the features are dedicated to some other products (like TXs). Would be great as well if the available controls that are not relative to a specifig model would be hidden. (Tx, CW, split, dual VFO, …)

Again thanks for your work

Stephane, F1TJJ

Found however something not great.
When using the shuffle command in one direction for a long time (several seconds) one can see the central frequency line moving in that direction… i.e. the x-axis is moving slowever than the actual central frequency
During the shuffling this gives the central frequency moving ahead with some jittering. When it reach the far end of the spectrum then it remains locked, but not at all on the actual frequency of the receiver

When releasing the shuffle everything is normally displayed


I will look into this, but with such large moves in frequency, some discrepancies between the display and actual tuned frequency are to be expected. As long as this is then corrected when the shuttle dial is released, I don’t see much of a problem?


no you’re right. This is not actually a huge problem, just wanted to share this behavior in case this would be fixed simply