Create virtual port?

Can wfview create a port to allow other software to control the radio?. Also, many thanks for developing this easy to setup software…after years of frustration with RSBA1, yours worked first time !!!

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Hi Jamie,

Yes If you look at it describes the procedure for configuring pty/virtual serial port for each platform.

73 Phil M0VSE

I am familiar with VSPE, i use it to split ports for rtty contesting…i am not familiar with how to chose which port to chose in wfview…the ports listed in the drop down are all ports currently used…how do i creat one to use as a host to pair with?

Hi Jamie.

In VSPE select device type “Pair” (not split) and choose two free port numbers that aren’t in use, you must restart wfview and then the ports that you created will be available to select in the virtual serial port option of wfview. Select one of them in wfview and the other one in your other app.

Quite a good description of the process in VSPE is described here Tutorial: Virtual Serial port using VSPE | EMBEDDED TWEAKS

73 Phil

Jamie / Phil:

My VSPE file is configured with a “Connector” on COM20. COM20 is wfview’s default at the moment? After the “Connector,” I create a Splitter of COM20 onto an available port. In my case I have free COM19. In this way, I can use WSJTX, Commander, or N1MM+ using COM19 and wfview rides along fine.

COM20 Connector
COM20 = > COM19

It works!

PS: I’ve been playing with the TcpServer / TcpClient of VSPE but so far no luck.

Rafael / NN3RP

thanks , got it…I was hung up on split, not pair…so, connecting N1MM to my paired port, works great…connecting win4icom, not so good…

Thanks for this thread! I’m a Linux guy and don’t use Windows much, but I wanted to set up Winlink (ugh!) and the noise from my USB cable to my IC-705 was deafening. I now have VSPE working, the trick was splitting two COM ports.

As per the answer for most of the recent questions, just use rigctld emulation, it is much more stable and allows multiple programs to connect Hamlib rigctld emulation | wfview

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Thanks Phil, but I can’t find the rigctld on my settings (see picture)

Btw, I’m making experiments with my old ICOM765 but I don’t understand where is the problem
Can you help me?

Definitely try a newer version. The version you are using is fairly outdated, especially in terms of these features.

de W6EL

defi itely wrong version. The newer version includes an “enable rigctld” button:

Even that is pretty old. We have newer settings that are a bit better organized as of December last year.

de W6EL

I see, but I can’t understand why the download page is showing old releases instead of the latest one (I did many refreshes but nothing changed…)

Is there another link to the latest stable release?

Because that is the latest “stable” release! We are recommending most users use the latest Beta as that as proven pretty stable but we aren’t quite ready to release it yet.



I set up a pair in VSEP using COM18 and COM19. COM18 for wfview and COM19 for the omnirig connection to log4om. It connects fine but the freq display in log4om keeps switching back and forth between vfoA and vfoB. Tried it using com0com in place of VSEP, same results.

Next I tried setting up a hamlib connection between wfview and log4om. That worked also but when I change freq using sdr console, or jtdx, there is a noticeable delay in log4om responding to the change, around 10 sec.

So I finally setup a splitter in VSEP using COM1 and pointed vfview, log4om, and sdr console all to COM1. Everything seems to be working fine now. The other end of COM1 is COM4, the ic7300 com port.

Hi Alan,

I’m honestly not sure why you were seeing that behavior. The virtual serial port is pretty raw, we do not mess with the traffic. I would probably check that any misbehaving program has the correct radio model number and CI-V address, although I find the VFOA/B thing quite difficult to explain.

I’m a bit surprised at the solution you came up with – I did not know you could split serial traffic like that. Glad it’s working though!

de W6EL

Yes I’m happy that all the software is happily working together using the VSEP splitter, but like you, I’m not sure why the wfview virtual port and log4om don’t seem to like each other. The radio itself is not defined at all in Log4om, it connects via omnirig. I was using win4icom before and both Log4om and SDR Console were both using omnirig to connect into win4icom on virtual ports and I never had any problems.
I’m not giving up yet, I really like wfview right now and I like the direction it’s headed. Next I’m going to try using com0com instead of VSEP and see if that make a difference. I’ll keep you posted…