Custom Edge

When selecting a Band eg 20m is there a way of making the Custom Edge setting to be “14.000, 14.350” or 40m Band “7.000, 7.200”. Is there a file that can be edited or a registry setting that can be altered.
At the moment on my Xiegu X6100 the freq span on 20m is approx 11mhz - 18mhz and the small bit in the middle is the 20m band. This makes it impossible to see individual spikes where activity is.
It would be nice to be able to zoom into the frequency spikes to get closer too.
Is this something that might be implemented in the future or is this a limitation of this particular radio.
Derek 2E1DWW

This is likely a limitation of the X6100, any questions regarding this radio should be directed towards the manufacturer.

This was my thoughts too. As Xiegu have only just given the radio WFSERVER hopefully they will work on updating again soon. Thanks for replying