Cutting TX issue with Icom 705

I connect to the radio’s wifi network access point just fine, the VB-cable is set to line in and out in both programs, virtual COM port is set and confirmed in Omnirig. Mod input set to WLAN.

I see the waterfall in wfview and rig control works in Log4OM as well as WJST-X (stations come in fine), but when I hit a TX cycle, it’s like it starts to send a signal but then dies off. No ALC. Waterfall shape gets really narrow. Same thing happens when I try to key up my paddles.

Any ideas or similar experiences?

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Hi 2skies,

Have you tried running wfview without Omnirig, VB-cable, etc? Just wfview by itself? Can you see if you can do that and use your computer’s microphone as the source for transmit audio?


de W6EL