CW Autotune

Hi Guys

Is it possible to implement the CW Autotune function on the 705 ?


Hi Paul,

I’ll add it to the list :-).

We’re focusing right now on stability and performance, but when I go in and start adding more buttons, that’ll be in.


de W6EL

Interesting. If anyone finds the CAT commands to activate CW Autotune (fine tuning a CW signal to the CW sidetone freq), I would be very interested.
I have been looking in both IC705 and my IC7300 CI-V CAT but not found. Perhaps it is named differently there than on the 7300 front panel (auto tune).
73 de SA7CND

Hi Poul,

I looked at several CI-V references and I too cannot find this command. I guess we could implement it using client-side DSP if we ever dive into such things.

de W6EL

That would be a great feature to see. Win4Icom Suite can’t turn that on either.

I guess all you have to do is read the tuned frequency, determine the signal’s audio freq, the sidetone freq and make a correction to the tuned freq to match the audio freq to the sidetone freq.

I know I’m oversimplifying…



the reason it cannot be turned on is simple: there is no CIV command for that.

if we would want to make it local we need to define first the cw pitch tone in wfview (e.g. have the same control as on the rigs) and then need to find an easy way to pull in the signal towards that frequency.
There are rigs that also support autotune on AM (7610, 785x) and that would require different logic.

I would like to have it too as I always push autotune when using cw here but it might be something for the far future I guess. (Don’t know how Elliot, Jim and Phil think about this though)

I think you’re exactly right, Roeland, we would have to implement it on our side, analyzing the audio and making adjustments. When we dive into DSP, there are a number of interesting client-side things we could do, like adjustable EQ, DTMF decode, transmit multiband compression, etc. We’ll get there!