CW - No sidetone to USB earphones into Windows 10

Running Wfview version 1.64 on Windows 10, and my remote Transceiver is an ICOM 7610. My headphones (Heil Pro 7) is plugged into a USB to audio line adapter.

I switched Wfview setting Audio Output to Speakers (USB Audio Device) and Audio Input to Microphone (USB Audio Device). I can hear my transceiver output but when I transmit I cannot hear the CW sidetone. If I turn on my PC Speakers (which I want to keep muted when operating CW) I can hear the sidetone. Is there a reason why I am not hearing the sidetone on my USB headphones? Can this be fixed in a new feature?

Hi Bob.

Icom made the decision not to send the sidetone over network connections (presumably due to latency concerns) unfortunately only they can fix this!



I didn’t know that Phil. I don’t have any hope that ICOM will fix it.

There is a sidetone level on the CW panel. Are you saying that ICOM generates the sidetone I hear in the computer speakers but not in my earphones?

How does Wfview change the sidetone level if it is coming from the radio along with the received signals?

Please recall that I am operating remotely on CW. I am 2 floors and 30 feet away from my ICOM 7610. I hear a sidetone through my Windows computer speakers but not my USB earphones connected to my Windows computer.

Icom radios ‘will’ send sidetone over USB (as that is considered a low-latency connection) but not over LAN as that is considered high latency.

The sidetone on the CW panel is generated by wfview to “approximate” what the radio is sending.


I understand that Wfview is generating the sidetone, as related to the CW panel. So why isn’t the sidetone coming out of my USB connected (to my computer) earphones and not just out of my speakers (on my computer)? Is this a bug or do I need a feature?

That is because sidetone always uses the default audio device.

Thank you Phil, I set my default to my USB connected earphones and now I hear sidetone. No feature, no bug, happy user.