CW send not practical

Hello CW Ops,
i installed the software and use this mainly in CW.
So, the kind of sending the characters life is not practicalble.
In semi break-in (or QSK) the characters going on the ar after you push the TX (enter) or put an “Space” after single character or an word.
This make working on long QSOs, during this you send sentence.
If you want to answer quickly, as normal way of exchnage on the air, thats bad.
The OP partner will wait until you put the word and after that send it to him back.

Im sure, this pomnt should be improved.
I mean, you are going to start to send with the keyboard and the radio should start to send it from the first character imidiately (or just with smnall delay to cover the latency) and than keep it going.

The same think ist with RS-BA! V2.
This both are on that point unusable.
I use also FlexRadio (I do not want to make cell adverstisement), but on remote site, you can put the radio to “Live” and when you type on the keyboard all wat you send will be send imidiately.

What about?
Thanks, Emil, de DL8JJ