CW Sender - Send Immed vs. Enable checkboxes

Hi Group.

I’m struggling with CW Sender this morning… There are two checkbox that both say they do the same thing: Enable and Send Immed both say “Send the text in the edit box” when you haver the mouse over them. However:

  • Nothing is sent with the Enable box checked.
  • Text is only send after a few seconds’ delay with Send Immed checked, and the final few words of text are not sent until you press the Enter key. For example if I want to send “W6EL de VE3HLS” the first two words are sent after a few seconds. Then sending stops and I have to hit Enter to send VE3HLS.

I hope to have some CW QSOs sometime soon but I can’t with it behaving this way.


I’m still getting nowhere with this.

The Enable and Send Immed checkboxes apparently perform the same function according to the tips provided when you hover the mouse over the, but checking the Enable checkbox does nothing at all and checking the Send Immed button does enable you to send a message after a few seconds’ delay, but it doesn’t send the entire message. You still have to hit Enter for it to complete sending the message…or is this part of the 30 character limit I read about?

Note that I did read the online manual but it is a version or two out of date because there’s no mention of the Enable or Send Immed checkboxes.

Oh, new problem…I get very loud clicks and what sounds like raspy tones when it does send. Never had this before.



  • 30 character limit is bound to the rig’s buffer. see the user maual of your rig
  • very loud clicks and raspy tones: these are being generated locally in your
    computer. adjust volume, restart, whatever. it’s working fine here.

note that this is free software. sometimes we (already) have a check box that does not work yet. sometimes it’s not working at all. there is no warranty. The only thing for sure we can predict here is that it takes space on a storage device.

Regarding the user manual: yeps, that always comes last. People are more than welcome to make more extensive manuals that we can publis. However, it’s our free time. Our free family time. It’s not work. Even this response is my free time.

The Enable checkbox is simply to enable or disable local sidetone (the tooltip text is incorrect and will be fixed) and as I said before, “Send immed” will send when is pressed.