Cw usage in contest?

Hello, im new here, i recently worked about remote my 7300 and was great and so easy.
Unfortunately i see that there are not any shortcut for use the CW memory on the keyer software (Like f1 f2 or maybe some combo like ctrl+1 etc.)
Another thing, i succesfully connected the frequency control from an external software trought the remote wfview, but is there any chance to use my contest software as keyer to transmit? (it require a com and dtr/rts).
I mean i can’t digit someone callsign twice or 3 times between software log and wfview cw keyer.
Is there any existing option or solution? Or are the team still working on it?
After all, great job for this software i really appreciated, easy and work great!
73, Andy

Hi Andy

I think it is on the list. I was even thinking, that best way would be to make a simple translator - virtual serial port, which would understand “WinKey commans” and it would then translate them to Icom’s CI-V for sending CW. I guess this would be easier to implememnt that having a CW Decoder running against serial RTS/DTR being keyed. I am surprised though that N1MM nor Win-Test dont offer CW Keying direct for new ICOM RIGs , supporting CW over CAT/CI-V. If they did, then all needed would be virtual srial port - from the Contest logger to wf-view / radio.
jiri 73

Yes I have thought about adding a WinKey emulator to the existing CW window. As you say, this would require a virtual serial port, which is easy enough in Linux, but in Windows an external package is required (as it must be signed to be accepted as a Windows driver)


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