CW Window Disappears

Hi Group,

I’m trying to try sending some Morse Code. I go into CW mode, then click the CW button that opens the text-to-morse-code window. I look at it for a few seconds, trying to figure out to use it and it disappears after less than 5 seconds, taking the main wfview with it, but leaving the audio running so it just minimized the wfview window.

I can bring back the wfview window by clicking the icon in the Windows tray, and I can re-opening the CW window by clicking the CW button again. The window appears again and then both windows close seconds later. I wonder if this be related to that setting I was asked to change to fix my screen contrast issue a few days ago? I’ll try and let you know. In the meantime, if you have any ideas I’m all ears!


Nope. Unrelated to use of Use System Theme.


Hi Ken.

There is an issue with v1.6x which seems to mainly effect MacOS users where the CW window causes wfview to crash, I think this is fixed in my (sidetone) development branch which should hopefully make it into the master branch (and weekly builds) soon.


Hi Phil,

Thanks. I can wait. Will there be some sort of announcement?
Mine is a Windows setup. Don’t know if that makes a difference…


Hi Ken.

I have just posted an announcement about v1.62 which includes this (and various other) fixes.

It now has an experimental local sidetone in the CW window. It is incredibly difficult to time the sidetone due to the lack of feedback from the radio, but in our testing, it seems pretty accurate.

There is also a “Send immed” feature, which will send any CW as soon as the spacebar is pressed.

73 Phil M0VSE