CW with N1MM+ Logger

Hi, I have an IC-705, WFVIEW and N1MM+ logger on a Microsoft Surface Pro 9
I want to send CW using N1MM+ logger via WLAN to the IC-705
Does WFVIEW support this?
73, TC


Not directly, but you can connect N1MM+ to wfview via a virtual serial port. Sharing Control Overview | wfview

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply. I have N1MM+ connected to the IC-705 wirelessly through wvfiew using a virtual serial port. (N1MM+ is reflecting the frequency which I tune the radio to). But the CW, generated by N1MM+, does not key the IC-705. I have tried N1MM+ using direct USB connection (not using wfview) and it keys the IC-705 OK. So wondering whether there is a trick I’m missing to do CW wirelessly?
73, Tim

Hi Tim,

How are you keying the CW? N1MM supports multiple modes. If you are using DTR/RTS keying, then this cannot work, as this information isn’t available over WiFi/LAN connections.

The only method that can possibly work is “CW Keying Over CAT Commands”

It is not as flexible as the other methods, as it simply tells the rig to send individual strings of characters, and isn’t officially supported by the N1MM+ developers. It also doesn’t allow you to use the N1MM+ CW keyboard to send (although you should be able to use the wfview CW window for this.

73 Phil

Ah, that’s useful to know; thanks Phil.
So it looks like I will have to revert to USB lead connection to use CW sending from N1MM+ keyboard… Fine except the USB link makes lots of noise on the upper HF bands! I’d better try even more ferrites!.. :open_mouth:
Thanks again for your help!
73, Tim