DATA modes questions

I see this data tick box under the modes and the digital modes in the dropdown list.
I do not see any effect ticking or not the data tickbox. What is it used for ?
I’ve not found it in the manual and by the way the webpage on supported radio/features doesn’t seem to be updated with R8600.

Is it possible to get the audio from the digital modes supported by the radio ? My R8600 has several of them (dPMR, NDXN, P25, …) but when selecting them I’m still hearing the FM audio

Thanks & cheers

That is for specific data modes and only really relevant for radios with transmit capability. What you are talking about is digital voice modes, which is a different thing and those should be available in the mode dropdown box?

ok, so then the digital voice modes are indeed available in the dropdown box but have no effect at least remotely. still FM is heard. What shall be the behavior ? The R8600 when selecting DV mode will stop sending analog audio to the speaker and only DV will be heard if present

and DSTAR which is supported by R8600 is not listed in the dropdown box


Sadly as none of the development team own an IC-R8600, this is impossible for us to test, so we are reliant on feedback from the community to get features like this working (unless you want to send me a radio for testing purposes :slight_smile: )

We will add this to our issues list.