Decoding FT8 w/ WSJT-X - excellent results

I recently installed Wfview v1.5 on a Win 10 laptop connecting to a R8600 using an ethernet-to-wifi adapter. Took this approach since I didn’t want to use an ethernet cable - just a bit too cumbersome… Results overall are excellent and this is exactly the setup needed to control the receiver from the laptop. The critical R8600 controls are supported in version 1.5.

Have been decoding FT8 this morning with WSJT-X using the signal from Wfview and comparing with another instance of WSJT-X routing the signal directly from the R8600. Comparing results shows number of spots are almost identical. Impressive since the the wifi signal in the radio shack is not the strongest.

Also have decoded other digital signals via Wfview with similarly excellent results, e.g. HFDL (using PCHFDL) and GMDSS (using Multipsk).

Very pleased to have this software available for the R8600. Thanks!



good to hear Richard!

Richard, not to detract from the thread but I’d be interested to know what type of Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter you’re using for your 8600.


Scott, The adapter is an IOGEAR model GWU637. I’ve made a change since my original posting and now use the adapter to connect a NETGEAR switch to our router to gained additional ports in my radio shack. So far working fine.


Thanks! I’ll check that out.


Also you may want to look at the Vonets VAP11G-300. Can be configured as a repeater, bridge or AP. I haven’t spent enough time trying to get it going, especially since the IOGEAR unit is easier to set up and fits my needs.


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