Developer's Corner and Tutorials

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to bring to the community’s attention that we’ve added a developer’s corner section to our website. This area of the site is dedicated to development work, and includes two tutorials which I think may be very interesting to many of you on the forum. If you’ve ever wondered what goes in to adding a slider or a new model radio, you might enjoy reading through these.

Tutorial: How to add new radios
Tutorial: How to add new features and controls

As always, we welcome contributions, both ideas and actual code. I’ve added a blurb on how to contribute code as well.

wfview is, and will remain, open source software. It’s vital to our hobby’s evolution and success that we strive to keep it this way. Open source software empowers people to create and explore engineering. This is probably as good a time as any to address one more thing: Free (zero cost) software really is not the same thing at all as open source software. Open source software generally means the source code is provided or made available to the end user, and this is just as important as making schematics and service manuals available when you purchase a radio. I strongly support creating an ecosystem of ham radio software which includes source code. It may not be appropriate for every genre of software, but for ham radio, it is essential!


de W6EL