Digital modes on ic-705 over wi-fi

Hi everyone again
I would like to ask you a question.
I’ve been using the IC-7300 seamlessly for digital modes, using WFVIEW as my frontend on my Linux PC.
I connect the FLdigi CAT to the wfview RIGctld server port and manage the audio for the usb sound card generated by the 7300.
Now I also have the IC-705, connected via Wi-fi.
How do I connect audio? I don’t see any sound “virtual card” … And certainly wfview has sound if I use it remotely.

Thank you so much!

Hi Jordi.

To use digital modes, you need to install a virtual audio driver as described in Audio Configuration | wfview

You then use the VAC device(s) for audio input/output in both wfview and your digimodes software (wsjt-x, fldigi etc.etc.)

I generally use the paid-for version of VB-Cable as this allows me to use a separate device for TX and RX audio.

73 Phil M0VSE