Disconcerting Split Mode Display

Hi Group.

I’m trying to operate Split Mode in CW to work E51D. He’s on 14002 kHz and listening “1 up”. I set Split to TX on 14032 kHz. However, when I transmit my VFO displays 31.000 MHz and the spectrum displays on a 31 on my TX freq. The display is set to Center and 2.5 kHz display bandwidth.

What can I do about this?

I tried to capture screenshots to back up my claim but Win-11 doesn’t let you use PrtSc anymore. Now you have to stand on your head and press Win-Alt-S then select the part of the display you want. Impossible to do when you’re sending your callsign at 28 wpm.

Thanks Microsoft, for the giant step backwards!

Also just noticed that when I TX in split, wfview drops my TX power from 100W down to 50-60W during TX. It goes back up to 100W after TXing.

I also tried setting an offset (1.3 kHz) as opposed to entering a discrete frequency (14.0031 MHz). The VFO still displays 31.0000 MHz on TX and 31 is still shown on the spectrum scale.

Many strange things going on here…


you refer to 100W → 50…60W. This is what the meter shows? If so, combine this with 31 MHz and then I could conclude that you are actually transmitting out of band?

For 31 MHz vs .0031 MHz – I could think of wrongly defining the offset.

Or: the function does not work.

Sorry, this is what the Pwr slider control does. I didn’t have time to watch the Power meter. Specifying a 1.31 kHz offset or entering a discreet frequency 1.31 kHz higher than the RX freq shouldn’t put me out-of-band. My RX freq at the time was 14001 kHz and he was listening up 1 kHz.


ah hmm, it doesn’t make sense that the power slider moves, afaik. But at least it’s now more clear what you experience.