Distorted RX Audio

Wfview vi.1 - IC-7610 using built-in server - Latest ver of win 10 on windows tablet.

I have a problem with distorted audio when using Wfview remote through my local VPN. On Wfview I see the latency goes way up to where the numbers change to red. Other then this the program seem to work work fine. Also, I had no complaints about my TX audio being distorted.

When I switch to RS-BA1 or Wins4icomsuite (using Icom Utility) , I don’t have this problem. They work fine and the RX audio is good.Changing back to Wfview I get the distorted RX audio.

What is Wfview doing different?

I like using Wfview on my tablet because it uses a lot less resources and is less cluttered making it more touch friendly.

73 . . . Ken - VE5KC

Hi Ken

This is almost certainly due to packet fragmentation as the VPN overhead will be causing each individual packet to be larger than the maximum allowed size for a UDP packet.

The quickest and easiest way to fix this is to reduce the sample rate. 24000 will 1/2 the packet size and bandwidth required (I think that RSBA1 uses 16000 by default?) 24000 is more than sufficient for SSB or NFM use though.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil!

Thanks for the great support!

I banged my head against the wall for weeks trying to get Icom RS-BA1 to work. There was no support for that pgm that I could find.

Some how I missed that setting while trying things… hi…

2400 was much better. I decided to go with 1600 as it seemed to be a bit better for my old ears… Definitely good for anything I plan to do…

73… Ken - VE5KC

Hi Ken,

I use RS-BA1 on a daily basis w/ my remote station. WFview is gaining favor on me, but it will need several more cycles to be my daily driver.
Along the way if you need a hand with RS-BA1, I may have an answer or know how to do what you need to keep it running.

73 -Karl


always interested in what you need to have wfview being the daily driver.
I miss a few features but my “miss” may not be yours.

Thanks for the offer… I have worked things out.

I don’t really like the RS-BA1 program but do use the utility portion to connect to IC-7610 server. I then use Win4icomsuite and connect it to the Icom Utility program. it works well for me that way.

I too look forward to future development of Wfview. It uses less resources and has a simple interface. However there are a few things it needs to add to be fully usable for me.

73… Ken - VE5KC

Hi Roeland,

FYI On my want list for future update.

An option for the user to configure alternate settings for the “Tune” button

    • I would like a way to configure the tune button so pressing it transmits a carrier with power level selected buy the user.

I don’t use the radio’s internal tuner or another radio does not have a tuner. I use external tuners that tune when a signal is transmitted.

    • For tuning - option to use up and down keys besides or on the tuning know instead of the mouse. Also, tuning in water fall with arrow keys.

For Laptops and Tablets, think in terms of being more user friendly with touch screens and touch pads!

A few ideas for you to consider…

TNX - 73… Ken - VE5KC

Hi Ken,

Tuning control keystrokes:
Page Up, Page Down, plus, minus, with shift as modifiers for tuning step.

de W6EL