Does 1.61 put 7610 radio to sleep With Pwr Off?

It doesn’t seem to on my IC-7610. Have you seen this?

It wakes it up with Pwr On.
My radio stays powered up although the display turns off.

Note, my radio is set up to sleep rather than power off by default at the radio itself.

Hi Bob.

I just tried it on my (network connected) IC7610 and it put the radio to sleep fine (power button flashing amber) and then came back-on when the “power on” button was pressed on wfview.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks Phil. I will test and diagnose it more. If I can see the issue I will capture detailed logs and submit.

I retested and confirm that it does put my 7610 to sleep, with the slow blinking orange light.

No BUG. Apologies.