Does Split work?

Hi Group,

Trying to work CY0S on 40m CW at the moment. He’s operating split. I’m trying to set that up in wfview but I keep transmitting on my RX freq.

  • First of all, it isn’t triggering the 7300 into transmit.
  • Secondly, shouldn’t there be some kind of indication of what frequency wfview is transmitting on? There’s nothing.

What I’d like to see is two frequency displays, one for each VFO, with the active VFO highlighted somehow

Split CW with my 7610 does work on version 1.61. I could tell it was split because of the split multi colored xmit ball in the bottom right when xmitting. But it would be better IMHO if the split button lit up instead when in split.

You can also see your xmit freq in the split mode box bottom left. Remember, the offset is in KHz and push the Split+ or - to set it. Also make sure you have turned split on or off as desired above it.

The freq in the main window will indicate the correct freq if you swap main and sub but remember it may take a few seconds.

Be sure to set the split frequency correctly, you might need to play with it a bit to learn how to do it.

I agree a better indicator showing the separate receive and the transmit frequency would be so good to have. Perhaps a different color vertical indicator on the screen if within range.

I will wait to update after the CW issues in 1.62 are fixed. Looking forward to trying some of those new functions.

Hi Bob

What CW issues in 1.62?

73 Phil M0VSE

Phil, I read RC-28 did not work. I use my RC-28 all the time when in CW.

Yes that’s correct, my-fault on that one :slight_smile:

Have you read here yet?

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

I admit I was in a bit of a panic, trying to work CY0S, and didn’t slow down and consult the manual. I see I was hitting VFO A/B controls and Main/Sub VFO controls thinking they were the same…and wondering why there were duplicate controls on the panel.

Just waking up. Will spend more time with it after breakfast.



Hi Elliott,

At my computer again. I turned Split off to see if I could get the rig to transmit without it…and, it won’t transmit, at least in CW. In the Settings menu, it seems like my only option is the click the [Send RTS for PTT] button. Neither setting works, so my problem may not be with Split, but something more basic. Unfortunately, I have no idea.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.