Dual watch audio with IC-7610

Maybe I missed it, either in the app or in the forums, but is Dual Watch audio available for the IC-7610? I would expect to see it in the Rpt/Split pop-out menu and can’t find it. I’m running Version 1.62 on a Raspberry Pi.

For those not familiar with the feature, it allows you to listen to audio from both VFOs at the same time. This is very useful with pileups when the DX station is operating split.

Thanks and 73,
Harry Bloomberg

We don’t (currently) support dual-watch, and if it is enabled, we silently ignore the second VFO scope data.


Thanks. I don’t need the second VFO scope, I just want to listen to two VFOs. I can do this with Flrig, but running two rig control programs at the same time (wfview and Flrig) gets a bit cumbersome.

So, I’d like to please ask it be added to the future feature queue.

Harry W3YJ


can you elaborate why you are using a raspberry pi for this?

It’s cheap! And it works great.

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Without seems cheaper to me?

Also, works faster, forgot that to say. A pi is for rigs that only have usb connections…?

The Pi meets my needs and I’m happy with it.

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ok, fair enough. I still don’t understand why. But hey, your rig. tbh I can’t stand the slow scope speed.