DUAL watch IC-7610...."unconvinient"

Hi I have a IC-7610 (running transverter…but should not influence this issue)

Main VFO set for FT8 by WSJT-X, SUB VFO for listening SSB

After changed from WFVIEW 1.5x to 1.6X it is a “mudy” behavior

If I chose SUB VFO and change frequency this freq go to WSJT-X but data to WSJT-X is still from main VFO receiver.

I know you are working on dual watch feature.

But is there a work around to prevent this behavior ?


There is no work around at the moment, wfview has NO knowledge of the Sub VFO.

When I shift to SUB VFO (on the IC-7610) then WFVIEW show the SUB freq

When you say WFVIEW has no knowlegde of the SUB VFO ?


That’s because it DOESN"T KNOW that it is the SUB VFO, just the CURRENT VFO!

Hello Phil, I have the problem with the 1.63 version, the client as a Windows version runs very well! but if I want to set up the server on the Raspberry 4 with 1.63, it now breaks off with an error message during the installation. Version 1.62 still worked perfectly. any thoughts on this??? Vy 73 Jan-Peter -DL3KVT

No thoughts at all with that information to be honest. The actual error message would be useful!

apt-get install libudev-dev

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