DX Clusters with QRZ/QTH Bearing Lookup

DX Cluster spotting is outstanding! If possible, please add a point and click trigger to retrieve the DX spot’s QTH Bearing information too. Thank you!

Best regards,
Kevin, WA6JKN

Hi Kevin,

QTH bearing isn’t a standard part of DX cluster data, this is generated by the client and it needs to know your current location, then approximates the bearing based on the spotted callsign.

I will look at the feasibility of doing this, but it is likely quite complex.

73 Phil M0VSE

How about a callsign lookup in QRZ by clicking on the cluster spot in wfview?

Kevin, WA6JKN

And auto rotate, make the qso with predefined wav files.

OK just kidding


This was an idea for wfview to consider. To my delight, I found most of what I wanted with Remote-Control Mobile for ICOM radios, which has a comprehensive DX Cluster spot reporting system with all the QTH/bearing (short/long path) data plus mapping, etc. I also have a remote rotor controller that takes that information and moves my hexbeam to the DX Cluster spot! And all of this is written specifically for my iPhone and Icom radio (IC-7610). This app has FT8 FT4, Dual watch, Split, filters, CW send and decode, auto logbook, Ham and QRZ, comprehensive Network Analysis tool, POTA, and much more. Its totally amazing!

Best regards,
Kevin, WA6JKN

we’ll add it to the roadmap for consideration.

I must say that we have a few high prios to do that takes some time to put in. So it maybe not anytime soon.

you can look at the git page of wfview and see what we have in mind. Not all is shown there, some are private labelled so you can’t see all