Hi all

I noticed that dxcluster functions are added to the 1.57 but how to use them? I managed to add a server. That was a bit tricky. I had to also give the :portnumber in the server name box to get access to the rest of the boxes. So I can now see the server in the registry in windows. But how do I connect to the cluster? There is no connect button and it does not auto connect.

Tried to look in the documentation but could not find anything.

Otherwise it looks great. Now only missing split operation. And cw of course.

SB7S George


You need to type in the cluster name and hit ENTER. This will then enable the other fields.

73 Phil M0VSE

Incidentally, to connect/disconnect, once the details are filled-in, just uncheck/check the enable checkbox.

You will see the connection appear in the log below if it is successful.

73 Phil M0VSE