Easiest way to use Winlink with Wfview

My setup is IC-7300 and Wfview server on Raspberry Pi networked with Wfview client on PC. Wsjt-x and JS8 work great on the PC with hamlib rigctl. But winlink does not have a rigctl option.

Any suggestion?

Chris W6COV

Maybe try the pseudo serial port?

Hi Chris,
unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your question.
But since I would like to remotely operate an IC7300 via USB and RPI4 als Server at our club station DL0GK and want to use the identical setup as you are using, can you tell me which OS you are using on the RPI4?

Sorry, I’m an absolute newbie with Linux, RPI4 and wfview and I’m still at the very beginning. A RPI4B is on order and should be delivered this week. Until it is there, I have installed wfview on the PC (client, Win10 64-bit). Now I’m wondering what comes as a (mini) OS on the RSP4 and which tool is used to copy / install the image to the SD card?

Questions upon questions, which I haven’t found in the forum yet. Do you (or one of the readers here in the forum?) maybe also have a link for newbies on the subject of installing wfview on RPI4 with all the steps?

Best Regards!
Olaf - DK5OS


Here is a video showing the steps:


Please see this part of the manual for the pseudo terminal:

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,
thanks for sharing the video. But isn’t that already the 2nd step?

I’m looking for instructions on how to install an OS on the RPI4. Which OS (e.g. Bulleyes?) is recommended and with which tool?

The installation of wfview then takes place according to your video, right?

73 Olaf

Hi Olaf,

That’s a bit outside the scope of a wfview support forum, there are 100s of howto’s online, try this one from the RPi Foundation

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Olaf,

You should install the latest recommended OS from the Raspberry Pi organization per their instructions. I don’t have any directions for you on this part.

Once you get the OS installed, then you can follow the video’s steps.

de W6EL

Hi Phil (and Chris)
sorry for the bandwidth. I will continue to read up the basics and will get back to you when it comes to wfview.


Ah ok. I will inform myself and then take the next steps.

73 Olaf