"Everythng" gets cllogged

I wonder what causes the delay in “everything” after while?
For example:
1, I press “transmit”. I can almost instantly see my speech in the panadapter but I keep hearing RX in my headphones for 1-2 seconds. After talking I release TX, it takes 1-2 seconds for RX to come back. Receiving station hears my audio with no delay.
2, Another example is when scrolling the band the fq-readout moves and so does the spectrum. But the audio does not follow.
If I then quit Wfview on both remote side and client side and then restarting it is quite responsive and snappy. But after a while it gets clogged again.
Why is this?
The radio is a 7300

Another question first please . What sort of computer is it? Cpu make and model, ram are of interest?

Delays in digital communication are not unusual. Just call another cell phone from your new cell phone… The speech won’t appear instantly at the other end. In the old days with analog phones this end to end stuff seemed instant… But no longer.

Sorry my crystal ball seems to be faulty at the moment…

Are you using wfview in server mode? What computer/operating system (client & server) and what type of connection (LAN/WAN/4G etc.) and most importantly, can you share logs of both the client and server?

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi, hi :slight_smile:
I’m using an i3/8GB on server side and an i7/16GB on client side.
Connection is fiber all the way until last part where wifi is used. I can also use Ethernet.
I’ll get back with logs when problem comes back, which it does frequently.

this topic gets messy fast unless you go to great pains to specify where you are plugged in and controlling from. So whenever you ask questions you need to put a header before the questions specfiying which platform your question is about the 7300 with local PC or the REMOTE PC. These are my words… as I am rather new at this… the old timers might use different language.

7300 and Local PC:
For example initially WFview was intended to be used locally to put the controls up on a big screen via the USB. Thus there was no need to transport audio in any direction. The design assumption was that you keep listening and transmitting from the 7300 using the PTT mic. Then they got fancy and added a PTT button on the computer screen. Sending such a command negated the need to push the PTT button on the 7300 or its mic. I am sure you will agree that at this stage everything works correctly. The big screen controls and the audio comes out of the 7300 fine.

Operates over the LAN elsewhere in your house or over the internet if you follow their settings or …over openVPN or Wireguard if you attempt to do what I am trying but have not fully testedyet. All these things introduce analog to digital processing time and transit time that is not insignificant.

You can hear such a delay just with two cellphones that have called each other. With old analog house phones this was instant… not with digital cellphones… try it. You should expect such symptoms when using a WFView client remotely on your laptop to connect to the WFView server/7300 combo. The lag will be greater over the internet than it is in your house… and even greater if you try it over the data on your cellphone…to the point that it may fail to work.

Your email did not specify what the CPU make model you are using or how much ram you have in either your server or your remote PC. These are possible issues that add to the delay/lag you experience.

I dont think the OS makes much difference windows or linux… however running other apps at the same time does have the potential to cause memory shortages. For your own sanity… close all other apps while trying this software out. Getting clogged as you put it is a symptom of ram shortage but we cant really tell if it is or is not in your situation from what you have said. Though I feel that 8GB is more than enough and 16GB ram is plenty. 4GB I have concerns.

Getting clogged is also a symptom of data communications issues on your wifi at home or on the internet or on the cellular data. For your own sanity prove that it will work at home from a remote PC hooked by ethernet to your LAN than… go to the next stage and try it on wifi and then add another stage and perhaps try it from Wendy’s down the road or your cellphone… do your testing in stages until you find when the lag gets intolerable. It will increase stage by stage.

The CPU make and model is also an area of concern for example an old Intel I5 1st generation may not be able to handle the load… but a recent Intel I3 of even the 7th or 8th gen with 8GB of ram… good. Only testing will show.

So simplify your test again… and see if the issues remain. By the way… dont try to listen to audio on your Local PC-7300 combo with computer headphones attached to the computer. That was never a design goal of the wfview from what I have read… that introduces all sorts of additional delay… just ask anyone recording music with AUDACITY. Headphone on your REMOTE PC ok.

I realize I have not answered your questions directly but I have told you what any computer designer would consider in order to come to grips with the issue.


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