Example of radio IP address setting

When using with WFView, it is better to use a fixed address.
When using it at home, you can use the “Network Name” instead of the IP address when configuring WFView by setting the “Network Name” item in the wireless device’s network settings.


  1. With simple settings, it can be treated like a fixed IP.
  2. Since DHCP can be enabled, there is no need to change settings even if you move to another network.
    3.It is easy to understand which radio device is targeted.

Network Name = ic-7610

ping ic-7610


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I agree completely. I also use DHCP reservations on my router so that the radios receive the same IP every time.

de W6EL

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OK. At this point I am not interested in running a server. That will come later. What I’m asking (and fully release that with a USB connection, wfview has nothing to do with audio connections) is if anyone else has successfully run wfview via USB and got both audio out of the IC-7300 and audio in. I can not get audio in to the IC-7300. I don’t know if its an incorrect setting in the IC-7300 or I have some setting in my Widows machine set incorrectly.

In a nutshell: I get audio out to my headphones which are connected directly to the computer’s audio jack, but I’m unable to get audio from my headphone’s mic into the the IC-7300.

73, Doug – K0DXV

I am not able to answer your question.



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Both the IC 7300 and WF view need special settings to talk to each other, if you were running Ubuntu Linux I could definitely give you the settings , but throwing windows into the mix I personally have no idea. sorry it should work and probably does but I know nothing about windows and have no intention of ever learning.


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