Feature freeze 1.60


we’re trying to shake out bugs for v1.60 release. If you can help using daily or weekly buids or compile yourself… you are welcome.

WSJT-X connected via the internal RIGCTLD (along with Log4OM and GRIG) working much better with recent fix to the occasional “lost” PTT/Frequency commands.


You can create a build (win32 and x64) environment in the Windows 11 environment and build it successfully, so you can help compile.

DE JG3HLX syuu

I am not sure if this is something that has changed or never was working or maybe was not considered even - but then why highlight it?
When I am connected to radio and switch to “Band” tab, the band that is “highlighted” is not my current band.

the “highlight” is largely meaningless as it is something that is generated by your operating system. If generally shows the last button pressed, but if you have never pressed a button, this could be anything!