Feature Request: Audio-Based Waterfall

For those Icom radios that do not have a panadapter (e.g. IC-7000, IC-7100) which can be accessed in wfview, what about creating a spectrum plot and/or waterfall display based on the audio from the passband like WSJT-X and other applications do so we can all feel like we have an IC-7300 or IC-9700 even though we don’t. :smiley:

Russ - K5TUX

I like it, Russ!

I have two such radios connected up here, IC-718 and IC-736.

When I get back to working on the audio plugins, that will be the time to assess how to do a Fourier transform and send the results to the waterfall.

I’d be happy with an RMS and peak meter to begin with though!

de W6EL