Feature Request SD Card Access

WFView is a real nice software and already delivering alot of functions.
For TRX like IC-7300, IC-9700, IC-705 and others I would like to have a function that allows to access the SD Card in read and write. It would be absolute nice if wfview would deliver such a function that when it is connected it delivers a drive, that you do not need to handle your SD Card all the time you want to send or read data from or to the SD Card.
The ST4001 Software delivers such a function to send a picture to the IC-705/9700/ID-52.
So the functionality should be available in the Tranceivers.
Thanks for having a look to it.
73 de Stefan HB9GFX

Hi Stefan,

I did see somewhere an open-source script someone had worked out to do this, but I can’t seem to find it. There are F/OSS tools out there. Realistically this is pretty far out on the list of requested wfview features and it’ll be a long time (if ever) that we would add SD card access. But I agree, it would be nice!

Does anyone have a link to the image transfer command-line program? I think it was geared towards transferring pictures but seemed flexible last time I looked at it.

de W6EL

Ahh here is what I was thinking of:

What sort of data were you looking to transfer?

de W6EL

the 9700 also has port 60000/tcp open. (has D* , like the 705)

Hi Eliott,
something like this but would be nice to have it like a Samba Server. giving a drive to access the files direct.
I will check if I can find something how and if it is posasible to create it. Also I wrote a mail to my contact at Icom Japan. Maybe they deliver something.

73 de Stefan

I am pretty sure that sd card access is an internal feature by the way for most if not all rigs that use it.

I heard that the ID-52 delivers a function to set the TRX in a kind of drive mode, like an Android when you connect the phone via USB Cable. THis is exact the feature I am looking for. Same for the 9700 . I already made a request to Icom Japan.

73 de Stefan