Field operation (aka Access point mode)

   IC705 field operations without an external access point (AP) 

this text will describe the steps you need to take to make the IC705 an access point and
connects your latop to the rig. From that point on just follow the normal instructions to
connect to the IC-705 with your favourite LAN enabled remote control s/w.

first of all make a backup. this makes it easy to switch between station (home) use
and outside/field use

  • go to settings
  • select wlan set
  • switch off wlan if it’s on
  • select conection type switch to access point
  • go back one level
  • select connection settings (access point)
  • the SSID is default IC-705 – change to whatever you like
  • put in a password (for testing I used test1234)
  • note the ip address :
  • back one level
  • set WLAN on

now the ic705 will broadcast itself with the SSID as set above

now use your favourite laptop and OS, connect yourself to this
SSID and use the password as set above. (outside of scope here
as OS setup differs)

that’s it! you can ping and you will get replies.

now start wfview like you did in the past, use as radio address (!)
and use the right port start (most of the time 50001 if you haven’t changed it)
as well as the user and pass. save settings and you’re done!

for the fun of it: I got as ip address, default ateway

(I wrote this while doing the changes so if I have missed anything. let me know
and I’ll edit accordingly)

It only takes a few minutes. You can save the resulting config too.

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Thank you so much! I will have to give this a try. I set up my Ubuntu Linux laptop and Raspberry Pi tablet as wifi access points and connected the IC-705 to them. Pretty easy in Ubuntu. But setting up a Raspberry Pi as an access point is a real pain. The shell commands in various documents to do this just don’t work, and I had to download an an alternate wireless manager and remove some redundant packages. What you’re doing is so much simpler!

Harry Bloomberg W3YJ

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and … someone made a movie too:

Thanks. But your written instructions are much easier to follow and I don’t have to sit through 6:57 of video. Video is very good for tutorials, but there’s no substitute for well-written instructions.

Harry W3YJ

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