Filter Questions, Please. (Icom R8600). Mac


Sr. Citizen level questions, but would be appreciative:

What is the latest version, and the link to download it ?

Under Receiver Passband Controls:
I would like to understand this lots better than I do.
If someone has a few spare minutes, would appreciate
the When and How to use the following.

Particularly, what they actually do:

PBF Inner
PBF Outer
IF Shift
Filter Width

Much thanks,


Latest version is on our Downloads page.

The passband controls are detailed in Icom’s manuals. I could type out a few pages describing each but I think it is appropriate to ask you to check the radio manual first, and then ask questions about the parts you don’t understand.


de W6EL

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Hi again,

Wonderful program; thanks so much for making it available. mac user.

Have read your Guide, and the Icom radio Manual for the R8600.
Many, many times.

Will blame my ignorance on old age now.
A truly wonderful excuse for most anything.

In the R8600 Manual, page 5-3, no problem.

It’s the setting described in 5-2 that I don’t understand.

The “Using The Digital Twin PBT” that I really would appreciate some
help with. Also, with your programs’s “equivalent” settings for this:

 PBF Inner
 PBF Outer
 IF Shift
 Filter Width

When used ?
What does it actually do ?
How to use it ?

BTW: any contemplated schedule for adding memories and scanning functions
that the R8600 has to your program ?

Much thanks,

Best is just to try using it and that will learn you what happens… Your ears will tell…

In the Icom book, there is an explanation of the filters. What most Icom twin pass band filters do is shift the IF frequency in the radio to make it narrow or wide. Within the range of the IF it can be set to pass the channel of interest while almost eliminating a signal a couple of Khz away. My experience with WFVIEW is that it remotely controls this feature. You will notice the effect by listening as there is no display of the filter in the program

Not only narrower, wider but also shifts up/down the passband