Finding the settings file in W11

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    download of 1.64 from
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    IC-7300 and IC-9700
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    While compilation and installation ran smoothly in Ubuntu, I cannot find any configuration file for the w11 installation I have in my dual boot configuration. I found wfview.exe and thought that the configuration file resides in the same directory or a subdirectory. But there is nothing except for DLL files and the installation log. And yes, I saved the configuration. Are there any suggestions?
    Vy 73 de
    Rolf, DL8BAG

Windows uses the registry by default, this is covered in the manual Preferences File | wfview if you want multiple configurations, use the --settings argument (exactly the same as Linux)


Thanks a lot for the hint. I thought that there would be a configuration file somewhere in w11 as well. I was wrong.
Vy 73 de
Rolf, DL8BAG