FLdigi and wfview issues on IC-705

Good evening. I want to use FLDigi for CW and RTTY.

I am having issues similar to the thread here: Fldigi and wfview - #4 by phil

I select USE HAMLIB and when I click initialize, the box for USE HAMLIB gets unchecked.

I am trying to follow Phil’s guidance to enable RigCtlD. I am looking at my Settings screen for WFView as described here:

Hamlib rigctld emulation | wfview

But that is NOT the screen I see under settings. Not even close. What I see is the attached file.

I am running 1.62x64, just downloaded today, March 2023 build. There is no menu on the left under settings to choose things like external control.

This is something simple, I am sure. Just can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Mark, WD4ELG

How can I enable RigCtlID? Is it a

Please disregard. My PC was launching v1.1 even after I installed the latest version. So I installed in a separate folder and now I see the proper menus.