frequency control (from wfview client)

I have this going

IC7300 -------> Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ------> LAN

-----LAN------.> Pop OS! 22.04 LTS (an ubuntu derivative)

ok, that said. the machine at the radio (wfview server) was built by ‘full-build’ script. it reports v1.65. and the remote machine (client) is running the flatpak version (1.64)

I cannot seem to control the frequency using the client wfview. I change the VFO using the dial in wfview and then it flips back after 3 seconds to original frequency

what am i doing wrong? everything else seems to work including audio



Hi Dan

The most likely cause of this is that the client is unable to identify the radio model. It uses CI-V transceive for this, so you MUST leave CI-V address set to auto on both the client and server and enable CI-V transceive on the radio.

You can usually tell if the radio has been identified, by the right-hand side of the wfview taskbar area, it will show the radio model. If it says NONE then the radio hasn’t been detected.
Phil M0VSE

Thanks Phil
I will give that a try tonight when I get home.


Thank Phil, that was it. I had hardcoded a CI-V address and also CI-V transcieve was not enabled.