Frequency in Spectrum flickering - IC7610(LAN)

I recently got wfview to work with my IC-7610 over lan and it is working well for audio in and out and meters, etc.

I am having an issue with the spectrum display. Frequency numbers, the blue line, and the spectrum are glitching/jittering. The text under the waterfall was doing that too but restarting the program cleared that up. I have to keep it off as it makes me queasy. :slight_smile:

I am on the same LAN as the radio.
I am running windows 10 on a PC with Gen9 intel

Any suggestions?


Michael N5ZR

Hi Michael,

I haven’t encountered this issue yet. Can you share your log the next time it happens? Just press “Log” and then hit “send to termbin” and then paste the URL in your reply.

Also, verify that you do not have Dual Watch enabled. wfview only supports one VFO and one spectrum at this time.

de W6EL

It was dual scopes. Much better now thanks.


what version do you happen to use?

reason I ask is that v1.51 and up should fix this by ignoring the data we’re not asking for.
In the future DW/dual scope etc wont be a problem but that may take some time.

I am using 1.50.

-Michael N5ZR

I don’t have the current changelog at hand but somewhere around 1.5+ it should be fixed. I tested it with v. 1.53

I checked…

  • 1.51
    Fix passband colorswatch
    Ignore second VFO scope data (for now)